FV-22-L Casing Spool

The FV-22-L Casing Spool comes with a full set of LDS or Lock Down Screws. Designed to secure a full-bore load at maximum working pressure. Our L bowl casing head is generally used to lock down mandrel hangers or pack off. This product line is able to support many casing sizes and pressure ratings. The sealings options range from P-Seals, FS-Seals, BG and HP-PE. For specific size and sealing options, please contact your local representative.

Top Flange (nom size) Top Flange Pressure PSI Lower Flange (nom size) Lower Flange Pressure Bottom Prep. OAL (A) Seal Bowl (B) Bowl Depth (C) Min. Bore (D)
11″ 5,000 11″ 5,000 7-5/8″ PP 26.50″ 10.880″ 7.82″ 6.96″
11″ 10,000 11″ 5,000 7″ PP 26.38 10.880″ 7.82″ 6.96″
11″ 10,000 13-5/8″ 5,000 9-5/8″ PP 25.75″ 10.880″ 8.32″ 9.00″