Vision & Values

Our vision and our core values are definitions of who we are and those things that have molded our work ethic.

Our goal is to become the most responsive product distribution and support service provider in the oil & gas industry. This will be achieved through developing strong working relationships with our customers; supplying the highest quality products; recruiting and retaining skilled and customer sensitive team members; and, using an analytical approach to current and developing trends within this market segment.

Customer Focus

FalconView Energy Products will create value for our customers by building close partnerships to achieve mutual success.

Valuing People

FalconView Energy Products will hire the best people and recognizes that our high performance is a direct result of us respecting our individual team members, valuing their individual and family needs, and investing in their growth opportunities.


The quality of our products and services help our customers finish well. The strength of our quality program directly impacts the value our customers hold on our brand.

Safety and the Environment

FalconView Energy Products will protect and defend the health and safety of our people and our customers and do our part to sustain the environment and the communities in which we live and work.

Integrity and Business Ethics

FalconView Energy Products will always act ethically, lawfully, and in accordance with our values.


FalconView Energy Products will establish and develop products based on sound engineering practices that focuses on a good balance between creativity and standardization and assisting our customers with leading edge innovation.