FV-TC-1AEN Tubing Hanger is designed to fit in a TCM profile. The production tubing threads directly into the tubing hanger and the neck of the hanger is isolated in the bottom pocket of a FV-A5P tubing head adapter. The hangers come standard with type H-Back pressure Valve prep. The hanger is secured and packing energized by the LDS Lock Down Pins.

Style OD NOM Label Feature Dimensional
TC1AEN 7-1/16″ A Top Neck Diameter (2K Thru 15) 5.495″
B Body Diameter (2K Thru 15K) 6.990″
C Overall Length (2K Thru 5K)
Overall Length (10K/15K)
10.38” (2K Thru 5K)
11.63” (10K/15K)